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Hale Portfolio, founded by Caroline Hale in 2017, is a financial services company, providing part-time finance director services and bookkeeping services to SMEs.

A part-time finance director offers high-level expertise for SMEs that don’t need or can’t afford a full-time Finance Director but require financial insight to plan, manage, and control the business.

Most people go into business to deliver the product or service that they are passionate and knowledgeable about. However, it is often the reality that finance, accounting, and bookkeeping become an overwhelming part of the SME’s owner’s role. These finance tasks may not be an area the owner is especially interested or confident in, so slip to the bottom of the to-do list. This can cause stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights.

This is where Hale Portfolio can help! We are interested and confident in these finance tasks and enjoy delving into the details to make sense of where a business has been and where it is going through the numbers it produces.
We love to deliver financial order, efficiency, and understanding by providing flexible, part-time finance director expertise and bookkeeping services.
Our adaptable approach enables us to continually assess and refine our services to meet the evolving needs of our clients. 


Green Hammerton, York, North Yorkshire


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