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Specialists in UK, US and Expatriate Tax.

“We are very pleased to be working with Caroline and to take advantage of her extensive experience. We have been going through a period of growth and Caroline has helped us through this by providing advice with respect to financial and general management, software to help us speed up our processes, as well as giving an alternative view on matters or just being someone to bounce ideas off. This has been invaluable to us in helping us ensure things run as smoothly as possible and helping us continue to expand our business in an efficient matter so that we can concentrate on providing a good service to our clients.”  

Gillian Everall, Managing Director, Everfair Tax

Holidays to the best driving roads in the world. 

“Caroline is an exceptionally diligent and thorough individual, able to concentrate on the finer details as well as compile the big picture. Her work ethic is beyond reproach, right down to the fact that she's not afraid to admit if she doesn't know something because she's always keen to learn and can research and absorb new information as and when it's required. As a result, she's always abreast of new developments and at the top of her field. She is trustworthy, reliable, conscientious, hard-working, personable, and calm under pressure. She'd be an asset to anyone who has the opportunity of working with her.”  

Pete Osborne, Director, Petrolhead Tours

Phytoform is a founder-led VC-backed bioscience startup, who are working to improve the resilience and sustainability of crops to fight climate change. 

Hale Portfolio started working with the company after their last round of funding to improve the timeliness and accuracy of their financial information and we now provide bookkeeping services and management information packs.  

We streamlined their processes to include the implementation of invoice scanning technology, improved payment processes, and purchase order systems, and significantly quicker management reporting.  

As this company has a US parent and requires USD consolidated reporting for their VC investors, we’ve implemented Spotlight to provide quick management information and regular budget updates, essential for cashflow forecasting.  

"Caroline and the Hale Portfolio team have been pivotal in putting in place efficient finance processes as Phytoform has grown. With Caroline's help our bookkeeping has been streamlined and our reporting times are 3x faster than previously. I look forward to continuing to work with Hale Portfolio and I feel confident we are positioned well for future growth."

William Pelton, Co-founder and CEO, Phytoform

A Yorkshire-based family farming business with interests in poultry, pigs, renewable energy, and Wagyu Beef.

"Caroline joined the Warrendale team in January 2020 when the business had grown significantly in the previous 5 years but unfortunately, we were not in control of the financial position. Whilst the business was profitable, we didn’t understand where the profit was coming from or have a clear grasp on our costs.

As someone who understands numbers and viewed an FD as a luxury, I was unsure of the impact Caroline would have on the business and my own workload. Since then, we have been able to forecast accurately, with the exception of Force majeure events, and have a much clearer grasp of the business.

Caroline has now found us a full time FD and has done exactly what she said she would do when she started.

I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough to all businesses, not only is she excellent at her job, but she has a fantastic demeaner and attitude which allows problems to be shared and opportunities to be taken."

James Thornton, CEO, Warrendale Group, owners of Warrendale Wagyu

Westwood Energy is an owner-managed business that delivers commercial and agricultural solar PV installations. The company has seen rapid growth in recent years and Hale Portfolio has worked with the company since mid-2021.

“Hale Portfolio has been invaluable to us during the last two years. As our business has grown, they have seamlessly scaled all our accounting needs from MI reports and budgets, to VAT, payroll, and CIS. They have repeatedly brought in automation, through apps such as Hubdoc and Wise, which has allowed us to remain efficient, competitive, and as productive as possible. 

Being safe in the knowledge that we have an extensively experienced team available at any time, to respond to queries and requirements, allows us to focus on what we do best. Having the support of the Hale Portfolio team gives me boundless reassurance that the continued growth of the business will not be hindered by a lack of accounting knowledge and resource.”

Jack Oxtoby, Managing Director, Westwood Energy

Yorkshire Heart is a family-run Vineyard and Brewery business based in the idyllic North Yorkshire countryside.

Hale Portfolio started working with the company in early 2022 with the brief of improving processes and accounting systems. We set to work by implementing Xero and integrating the existing systems including the website, a brewing management system, the Winehouse Cafe till system, and all the active payment platforms which included Stripe, Paypal, and banking.  The integrated systems significantly reduced the amount of administration time required to run the business and have allowed their team to increase sales and receive more timely payments. 

Following our training, the team manages much of the day-to-day financial processing in-house, which we support with our bookkeeping services. We also provide regular management information which includes analysis of each department’s performance. Finally, after we carried out a full review of product costing, the business now has better information for pricing and decision-making.

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