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Here are some examples of how we have helped our clients –  


Client one  


​We recently began working with a family-owned business operating in the thermal insulation and cladding industry. The company had not long changed from a sole trader to a limited company when due to an unexpected change in circumstances, found itself needing external financial support. Caroline was brought in as a Portfolio FD to review their position and quickly established that they needed to instruct new external accountants and find additional internal finance resources. Together we -


  • Undertook a detailed review and correction of the financial position of the business.  

  • Implemented the systemisation of processes to improve the sales ledger, purchase ledger, and CIS reporting. 

  • Delivered year-end information to the new external accountants and worked with them to ensure accounts and corporation tax returns could be finalised in time. 

  • Designed and delivered monthly management information. 

  • Worked with management to create a full-year outturn budget for 2023-24 and forecasts for outer years. 

  • Provided support and guidance to the new finance resource, which will continue as we hand over more responsibilities.  

  • Advised management and owners, as required, on finance, company, and statutory matters. 


By providing the above support, the business owners and advisors now have peace of mind and a clear route forward. 


The business is full of wonderful people who found themselves in a difficult situation. It was hard work but rewarding to see positive changes within the company and Caroline is delighted to continue providing oversight of the company finances going forward. 


Client Two 

Our client is a founder-led VC-backed bioscience startup, who are working to improve the resilience and sustainability of crops to fight climate change.   Hale Portfolio started working with the company after its first round of funding to improve the timeliness and accuracy of its financial information.


We streamlined their processes to include the implementation of invoice scanning technology, improved payment processes, and purchase order systems, and significantly quicker management reporting.   As this company has a US parent and requires USD consolidated reporting for their VC investors, we’ve implemented Spotlight to provide quick management information and regular budget updates, essential for cash flow forecasting.   


We now provide bookkeeping services, management information packs, and budgeting support.   


Client Three 

Hale Portfolio started working with this client in early 2022 with the brief of improving processes and accounting systems. We set to work by implementing Xero and integrating the existing systems including the website, a production management system, the till system, and all the active payment platforms which included Stripe, Paypal, and banking. The integrated systems significantly reduced the amount of administration time required to run the business and have allowed their team to increase sales and receive more timely payments.  


Following our training, the team manages much of the day-to-day financial processing in-house, which we support with our bookkeeping services. We also provide regular management information which includes analysis of each department’s performance. Finally, after we carried out a full review of product costing the business now has better information for pricing and decision-making. 


Client Four  

Our client is an owner-managed business that delivers commercial and agricultural solar PV installations. The company has seen rapid growth in recent years and Hale Portfolio has worked with the company since mid-2021. 


Hale Portfolio started out providing both bookkeeping and portfolio FD services to the business. We set up their accounting system to maximise efficiency and reduce the amount of time the owner needs to spend on the administration of the business. We implemented invoice scanning technology to quicken transaction processing and payment technology to speed up and improve controls over payments to suppliers.


We’ve helped the business with the introduction of purchase orders and tracking categories to ensure they know the profitability of each project. Together we’ve developed budgets and management reporting, with all changes brought in at the right time for the client.


As the client has grown, it was the right time to move the bookkeeping in-house. Hale Portfolio continues to offer FD services, providing management information, budgeting, and oversight of financial matters.

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