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Why do I need a part-time Finance Director when I already have an accountant?   

Your accountant will be focusing on taxation and past statutory reporting whereas Caroline helps drive the future of your business by focusing on efficiency, compliance, and strategy. Sarah and Deb provide our bookkeeping services which ensure a sound financial footing for your business to grow. Whilst we work closely with accountants, we perform distinct roles.  

Do I have to use both your FD services and bookkeeping services? 

​Not at all! Whilst many clients work with Caroline for her FD expertise and use the team for their bookkeeping, we also happily work with companies who need only one aspect of our services. 


Can my SME afford a part-time Finance Director?  

By only paying for the services that your business needs, a part-time Finance Director is a cost-effective solution. Whether your business needs one-off or frequent support, our flexible approach means we will be able to help.   


What type of businesses do you help?  

Any! We are proud of the work with do with our different clients from different industries. The way we work varies depending on whether we provide Finance Director services or bookkeeping services.

As a part-time FD, Caroline finds that her clients tend to be in a state of change. Often, the companies have grown quickly, which is wonderful, except their systems and processes haven’t kept pace. Or perhaps a company is in a difficult trading position and the owners are unsure what is happening with spiralling costs and limited cash reserves.  


Caroline’s approach is to assess the current position and once the situation is understood, she establishes appropriate systems and processes. She often finds finance functions in the eye of a storm and only leaves once they are on an even keel again. At this point, some companies find the existing finance function can thrive using the systems and processes that have been established, or they may be at the stage where they can justify a full-time FD. Whatever the situation, Caroline’s flexible approach means she can provide as much or as little support as the client needs going forward.


Whereas Caroline will step back from a company once they no longer require so much support, our bookkeeping services continue for as long as the client wishes.

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