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What it takes to be a good bookkeeper

It seems there is an awareness day for most things and bookkeeping is no exception as this week (7-11th November) is “global bookkeeping week”. To mark the occasion, I asked Hale Portfolio’s bookkeepers what qualities they feel make a good bookkeeper.

Attention to detail

Numerical accuracy is essential to avoid future problems. A simple numerical typo can have serious consequences as the data the bookkeeper is providing is used to form key business decisions. A good bookkeeper should be able to spot patterns or any changes and investigate further.


Bookkeepers need excellent communication skills to be able to get the information required from their busy clients. They need to be able to explain complex financial terms in a straightforward way to non-finance people. A good bookkeeper should be asking questions and listening to their clients as they explain their businesses.


Being able to quickly find and retrieve account information is essential. Accurate reporting is rooted in organized systems. Bookkeepers will likely be working with several clients at once so having a good understanding of their productivity and managing their workload is key. The latest software can help keep things organized and increase efficiencies.


Both parties need to feel comfortable with each other in order to build and maintain a good business relationship. Nearly every business transaction requires trust, transparency, and faith and so integrity is vital for a business relationship to be successful.


Having a good understanding of their client’s business will help solve any accounting anomalies as and when they arise. However, a good bookkeeper will know when they don’t know and won't be afraid to ask for help.

If you are looking for a great bookkeeper, then Hale Portfolio can help. Whilst many clients work with Caroline for her FD expertise and use the team for their bookkeeping, we also happily work with companies who need only one aspect of our services. For more information, please contact

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